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What is the Living Food Lifestyle® Program


di-et (di/et) n.
1. restriction
2. deprivation
3. denial
4. starvation (< L death, to die)
liv-et (liv/et) n.
1. self-nurturing - 2.self-motivating
3. educational - 4.abundant eating
5. food safety - 6. FUN
7. accelerated weight loss
8. health improvement
9. personal attention - 10. long lasting
Living food is provided by nature, organically grown in its original, uncooked state. Live foods provide the body with the life-giving, easy-to-digest nourishment needed to strengthen the immune system. Detoxification results from the bodies renewed ability to handle more toxic loads in the re-oxigenated blood stream. Living food rebuilds health - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The Living Food Lifestyle® Menu

In essense, the nutrient dense food we prepare for our guests at the Ann Wigmore Foundation is simple, green and detoxifying, using only the freshest raw, organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouts.

Live food detox for first week of the Living Food Lifestyle® program emphasizes gentle, easily digestible meals that assist the body in beginning the detoxification process. It is a light cleansing week, full of nutritious raw and living foods, including energy soup, salads, dressings and cleansing fare to gently restore your health.

During the weekend between weeks 1 and 2 a fruit and vegetable juice fast, allows the body time to rest, cleanse and recover.

Dr. Ann Wigmore's Living Food Lifestyle® Classes Include:

* Natural Healing Starts with Digestion I'm beginning to see that, for ultimate health and vitality, raw food is a complete change in lifestyle. Yes and no. It is true that the Living Food Lifestyle appears to be a radical change when compared to the other SAD health sites: Standard American Diet (& work arounds). However, the raw food s in the Living Foods Lifestyle are those that nature intended for us to eat. Even in cases of severe degerative conditions, people who adopt the Living Food Lifestyle quickly achieve a balance in their lives and a spiritual connection with nature.

This spiritual connection was always there; it was just camouflaged under diets that clogged their senses. How long does it take to learn the fundamentals of Raw Food preparation? This health site promotes 10 day Raw retreats. It takes only a short time to learn all the fundamental kitchen tequeniques for the Living Food Lifestyle. Once you dedicate yourself fully to learning them, you will begin to benefit at once.

Safe Natural Ways to Detox your Digestive System

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